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Narrow Lot Homes

narrow lot home in Perth
As Perth’s lot sizes decrease, you may be one of the home buyers out there thinking that the dream home you always wanted is no longer achievable. Here at In-Vogue we want to change the way that you think about narrow lot homes in Perth.

With a 2 storey narrow lot home designed by In-Vogue, home buyers won’t have to choose between luxurious design or functionality. Our narrow lot homes are designed to make the most out of every square meter of your block while still giving you that spacious master suite and chef’s kitchen that they’ve always wanted.

At In-Vogue, not only are our narrow lot homes designed to maximise the space on your land block, our homes are designed to make a statement, no matter the size or shape of block they are on. You probably wouldn’t believe that behind the modern rendered facades, behind the luxe double door entry ways and beneath the stunning elevated ceilings, lies functional living spaces, multiple ample sizes bedrooms and lavish bathrooms, all on a narrow lot.

Here at In-Vogue we are prepared to meet the the increasing trend for narrow lot homes in Perth, which is only set to continue. We have a range of narrow lot homes specifically designed to suit the changing landscape in Perth while exceeding your expectations in 2 storey home design.

We have worked hard to design our range of narrow lot homes, however at In-Vogue we understand that each homeowner will be looking for something different and sometimes a narrow lot design might not suit your needs perfectly. That is where we are there to help, all of our narrow lot homes can be customised to suit your unique needs and preferences.

Come and join us at In-Vogue, the new narrow lot home builders in Perth. Together we will change the way you think about 2 storey narrow lot home design.