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Entertain all year round with your very own alfresco area!

A common misconception about narrow lot homes is that they don’t allow enough room for an alfresco area. However, this is simply not case and in fact, most narrow lot homes include fantastic areas built for entertaining all year round. Read on to find out how you can maximise the space of your very own alfresco area in a two storey home built by InVogue.

Connects the inside and outside seamlessly

If you’re a host at heart, then look no further than an open plan layout. If you regularly entertain, you want your living space to be free flowing so your guests can enjoy each other’s company and walk around with ease. And this requires a seamless transition between the inside and outside.

An open plan kitchen, living and dining area that spills out onto an alfresco creates the feeling of one large open space. Eliminating any visual barriers that may be in your way with a traditional layout, it brings everyone together while at the same time ensuring you can all move about the space effortlessly.

And by having your alfresco so close to the kitchen, you can easily dash back to the fridge and get plates in and out to your guests without the hassle of weaving around furniture. The shelter provided by the alfresco is also ideal for all types of weather. This means you can enjoy the ambiance of sitting outside and still be protected from the harsher elements.

At InVogue, we understand the the outside area should be an extension of the inside area. That’s why our two storey home designs blend the indoors and outdoors beautifully. Our open plan kitchen, living and dining space connects onto the alfresco area, contributing to an inviting, interactive and social atmosphere where you and your guests can mingle freely.

Open plan kitchen, living and dining in The Alpha two storey home by InVogue
The Alpha two storey design by InVogue


Perfect place for everyone in the family

If you and/or your guests have children, alfresco areas are the way to go. The great thing about alfrescos are their versatility. They can be anything you want them to be – you just have to use your imagination!

So why not transform your adults-only alfresco into a kids play area decked out with the most fun and creative toys and equipment? Here’s our top kid friendly ideas for your alfresco:

  1. Swings – The frames of your alfresco offer the perfect place to hang a swing from. Simply using a piece of rope or chain and a plank of wood or board, you can create this childhood classic without breaking the bank!
  2. Cubby houses – This is a great investment because you know your kids are going to play day-in and day-out. And if you don’t think you have the space for a permanent structure – don’t despair! A play tent or teepee with waterproof pillows will do the trick and then can be brought inside when the sun sets.
  3. Sand pit Built-in sand pits are great fun, but they can take up a lot of room. So how about turning your BBQ pit area into a sandbox? Even better, a portable sand pit on wheels with a ‘lid’ will allow the area to be used for other activities as well – did someone say drinks on the alfresco when the kids go to bed?
  4. Outdoor blackboards – This is a fun and easy way for your kids to unleash their creativity outdoors. They go perfectly in the corner of any alfresco area and can add colour and personality to the space once your children have covered it in scribbles.

Easy upkeep

You need to consider maintenance when choosing the materials to use in your alfresco area. Ideally, you want to enjoy the space with friends and family, not spend all your time cleaning and maintaining it. At InVogue, our alfresco areas look their best with native plants that don’t require much grass, space or maintenance. Here’s some other low maintenance ways to make the most of your alfresco area:


You want to create a space on our narrow lot home that’s both practical and attractive. Therefore, each piece of furniture needs to be carefully considered. For starters, having larger pieces of furniture will make the space feel smaller and your guests feel boxed in. So focus on incorporating pieces that aren’t too large. This will open up the space and allow you to make the most of your alfresco area.

For example, why not op for a two or four person table or couch that allows you to entertain without feeling cramped or claustrophobic? Then, inject some personal style to help make your guests feel welcome and relaxed. Provide comfortable seating with thick and cosy waterproof cushions and rugs. And if you have limited storage space, ask for a design that doubles as storage boxes.


So you can use your alfresco area both day and night, you’ll need to consider your lighting options. Moveable solar lights such as fairy lights and string lights are versatile and inexpensive ways to create a more welcoming space and an instantly warmer mood. Dimmable LED garden lights mounted into the ground can also add a great touch to your backyard and provide the illusion of space when placed on the outer extremities.

Heating and cooling

You want your guests to feel comfortable in (and outside) your new home – and this means making sure your alfresco area is always heated and cooled to the correct temperature. In summer you want them to feel cool, so why not create your own breeze by installing a fan? Then in winter you want them to feel warm, so why not look into gas heaters? There’s currently some great external heaters on the market that do a great job of heating outdoor areas.

Let InVogue help get you into your very own narrow lot two storey home today. From the inside to the outside, we’ll make the most out of every square inch of your block. Get in touch today.


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