InVogue: Top Designs

InVogue Story Our aim has always been to make the experience of building a two storey home, an exciting and inspiring journey. Our process is centred around your lifestyle, your sense of style and the unique opportunities presented by your particular homesite. You’ll be able to draw ideas from our range of well over 100 stunning designs, any of which can be customised to your needs, ensuring you’ll have exactly the home you’ve dreamed of. You can even have your home completely designed from scratch, if you choose. What you’ll love most about your design is the little details we think about. The way sunlight falls in your living areas, efficiently warms and creates energy. The way extra storage is in the right locations will make your life a little easier. Design touches that really matter. And, if you’re rebuilding, we’ll even take care of every little detail for you, including approvals and demolition. Enjoy viewing our range of stunning, clever designs at