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Open minded design ideas for your narrow lot: How to build your dream home office

Just because you’re building on a narrow lot doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any of the rooms you want to include in your home design. That means you can still have that perfect home office you’ve always dreamt about. The home office is fast becoming one of the home’s must-have features and nowadays is just as important as the family room.

In fact, 77% of people in a survey by John Burns Real Estate Consulting said that any additional rooms not dedicated as bedrooms would be used as an office in their next home. This goes to show the emphasis people are placing on creating an area purely for work in their new home designs. So here’s how you can make the most of your own home office – no matter the size!

The importance of the home office

As technology advances, the trend toward people working from home is growing. In fact, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in three Australians now work from home. And as more workplaces begin to embrace the idea of remote work, this number is only set to increase. That means having a functional and comfortable workspace at home is essential.

And in order to be more productive at home, you need separation. If you don’t create a separation between your office and the rest of the home, your work will follow you everywhere. After 5pm and on the weekends you’ll still feel like you’re on the clock, which is terrible for your work-life balance and can lead to problems with stress and knowing when to relax.

Therefore, it’s helpful to have a space that’s dedicated to work and not filled with other distractions. This is where a home office comes in handy. The home office acts as your own private sanctuary away from the rest of the house, where you can retreat if you need some alone time away from the family or if you need to buckle down and get some serious work done in peace and quiet.

Top tips for building the home office of your dreams

While you want your home office to be tucked away, you also don’t want it to feel like a shoebox. So here’s some top tips for making the most of your allotted space.

  1. Lighting is key: Allowing natural light inside will open up the interior and make the room look larger. If you don’t have a lot of natural light to work with, you can add some creative effects using a combination of general and task lighting fixtures.
  2. Stick with a simple colour palette: Light colours like white and grey will make the room look bigger and brighter. It will also make the space feel more open and airy, and maximise the effect created by the natural light.
  3. Cut the clutter: As the old saying goes, “a place for everything and everything in its place”. Keep the decor to a minimum with everything tidy and organised so the space doesn’t feel cramped.
  4. Have an attention getter: A good trick is to have a large scale object like a wall painting or oversized floor lamp, the viewer will focus on the grandiosity of that object instead of the size of the space.
  5. Well-placed mirrors will do wonders: Mirrors can make a room look larger by reflecting light, so angle them towards your focal point to give the illusion of depth.

Choose a design by InVogue

At InVogue, we pride ourselves on promising the most cutting-edge design in two storey living that makes the most of your narrow lot block size. As part of WA’s third largest residential builder, JWH Group, and with a professional team that boasts more than one hundred years combined experience in the Perth building industry, we believe our homes will deliver on all your needs.

So whether you’re a couple entering the two storey home buyers market for the first time or are a family who simply needs more room, we have a large selection of designs that will make your home more livable while still capturing today’s modern look. Now, you don’t need to choose between luxurious design and functionality, with our narrow lot homes designed to make the most of every square meter of your block.

Come and join us at InVogue, the new narrow lot home builders in Perth. Together, we’ll change the way you think about two storey narrow lot home design.

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