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Move over backyards, your time is over!

Let’s not beat around the bush: Narrow lot homes equal less outdoor space. But don’t stress! There’s still plenty of room for an amazing alfresco area, just on a smaller scale. So now you can have the best of both worlds – still get a beautifully kept backyard, but without the hassle and stress that comes with maintaining it. Read on to find out why you should pay a little more for a high-quality alfresco area when building your new narrow lot home.

Why you should build an alfresco area

A common misconception about narrow lot homes is that they don’t leave enough space for a comfortable and functional alfresco area. However, this is simply not the case. Here’s some of the main benefits of building an alfresco area into your narrow lot home design:

Less money and maintenance

Big backyards are a big time and money drainer. Firstly, you want to enjoy your outdoor area with friends and family, not spend all your time cleaning and maintaining it! Secondly, you don’t want to be shelling out excessive amounts of cash trying to keep it in tip-top shape for when friends and family do come over.

Because let’s face it – houses with gardens and larger outdoor spaces require year-round upkeep and maintenance, which takes a lot of time, money and effort on your part. From the expensive reticulation and repairs to the costly changes to landscape like adding a patio or children’s play area, it all adds up. So avoid being left with a huge headache and footing the bill with an alfresco area for your narrow lot home.

Opens up the space

Narrow lots lend themselves to open plan designs. With an open plan kitchen, living and dining area that spills out onto the alfresco, you can create a seamless transition from the inside to the outside. Having this one large open space is perfect for entertaining guests, as it brings everyone together while still ensuring you can move about the area effortlessly.

So whether it’s a classy dinner party for close friends or a casual summer BBQ with family, a free flowing alfresco area is the perfect place for entertaining all year-round. It will eliminate any visual barriers that may be in your way with a traditional layout and allow your guests to walk around with ease.

And on a side note: Having an alfresco area so close to your kitchen means you can easily dash back to the fridge and get plates in and out to your guests without the hassle of having to weave around furniture. That way, you can always keep your cool when playing host.

Can be used all year long

Thanks to outdoor blinds and heaters, the shelter provided by an alfresco area means it can be used all year-round. Ideal to all types of weather, you can enjoy the ambiance of sitting outside in your cosy all-season alfresco and still be protected from the harsher elements. So not only does a well designed alfresco area look fantastic, but it’s also functional and lets you enjoy all available living space virtually every day of the year.

Choose a narrow lot design by InVogue

When you choose to build a narrow lot home by InVogue, you won’t have to compromise on luxurious design or functionality. Our narrow lot homes are designed to make the most of every square meter of your block, whether it’s inside or outside. We want to outside area to be an extension of the inside area, which is why our two storey home designs blend the indoors and outdoors beautifully.

To meet the increasing trend toward narrow lots, we have a wide range of small block homes specifically designed to exceed your expectations of two storey home design. However, we also understand that each homeowner will be looking for something different and sometimes a narrow lot design might not suit your preferences perfectly. Therefore, all our narrow lot homes can be customised to suit your unique needs.

Check out some of our latest designs!


The Alpha

The Alpha is the perfect mix of modern design and functional layout. Open the doors to a large entryway that takes you through to an open plan living area leading out to the alfresco. The sliding doors at two sides allows the indoors and outdoors to be brought together and the kitchen’s island bench is positioned to overlook the outside area.




The Iris

The Iris is a contemporary design that uses clever angles to maximise the space available on a 12.5m lot. A gallery, media room and foyer are all features before you walk into the spacious open plan living area, which features a stunning designer kitchen complete with spacious scullery and walk-in pantry. With serious wow factor and something for the entire family, the Iris is one of our most striking designs.



So what are you waiting for? Make the most of your narrow lot by building a cleverly designed alfresco area. Thanks to InVogue, you won’t give that big backyard a second thought. Contact us today.

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