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Should your Double Storey Home be Upside Down?

The typical double storey home has the living room, dining room and kitchen downstairs and the bedrooms and bathroom upstairs but this might be starting to change. Most homeowners want their bedrooms to have privacy and their living rooms to be spacious, open and beautiful; so why not switch it up?

By having the living room upstairs you will be able to make the most of the view from your double storey home. You will also get more natural light and air than you would by having the lounge room downstairs. Known as reverse living, upper living, inverted living and upside down living, this trend in real estate is showing no signs of slowing down.

1. Privacy

Many upside down double storey homes have the parents master suite upstairs with the living room which gives the children their own area downstairs. By implementing this design, you will have a beautiful shared zone as well as everyone having their space to retreat and relax.

2. Air Flow

The top of your double storey usually has a nice breeze but doors and windows are usually closed in bathrooms and bedrooms which means all this air is going to waste. By having your living room upstairs you could save money on your power bill as your house is being cooled naturally.

3. View

Most of us don’t spend much time looking out of our bedrooms, especially when we are trying to sleep or getting changed. So why are we wasting the best views in the house, on rooms where we will rarely have the opportunity to appreciate them?

4. Light

Having an open living room in the second storey brings in a lot of natural light. As the Australian weather is so warm and sunny, this is quite an energy efficient decision as you will not need as much lighting

Things to Consider:

Despite having many advantages there are a few things to think about before rushing into this house design. You need to take into account whether:

  • any electrical work for living room appliances such as the television would need to be done and how much it would cost
  • the view you are overlooking- it might not be worth it if you are facing a giant brick wall
  • if you willing to carry heavy groceries up the stairs each week if have decided the kitchen should go upstairs
  • if the two storey living room opens up to a balcony, do you have safety measures in place to prevent ensure falling risks are minimised?

In-Vogue can help you get the double storey home of your dreams so speak to one of our friendly team members now at (08) 9202 9202 or

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